End-to-End, Highly TARGETED Micro & Nano-Influencer Campaigns, Driven by A global INfluencer Marketing Agency.

We partner with technology, fashion, travel, lifestyle & sports brands to build micro-influencer and nano-influencer marketing campaigns that move the needle on revenue growth & social engagement. By pairing the most advanced micro-influencer marketing technology with carefully selected digital creator partnerships, our clients connect with their audience on a more intimate level, across multiple activations, unlocking a level of trust specific to niche-driven communities.
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Campaign Strategy & Planning

Paid Media Amplification

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Why We’re A Trusted Micro Influencer Marketing Agency

AI-Centric Influencer Marketing Agency

We leverage the most modern influencer marketing platforms available to build and execute high leverage micro-influencer and nano-influencer marketing campaigns that are powered by artificial intelligence.

Focused on Influencer Scale

We build up to date standard operating procedures for all campaigns that we execute, ensuring that we can minimize campaign hurdles & quickly generate and execute on campaign objectives, with scalability in mind.

Full-Service Influencer Marketing Agency

We cover all the bases when it comes to executing on highly targeted micro-influencer campaigns. As your go-to source for all things micro-influencer, we have the resources in place to handle all aspects of the campaign process including campaign strategy, influencer management, content creation, paid amplification, and reporting.

Influencer Analytics Focused

We get granular about every single aspect of the influencer & campaign management process. We dive deep into all relevant demographics including age, gender, location, language, income, brand affinity, and more, taking a holistic approach to vetting, ROI, CPM, CPE, impressions, and engagement tracking.
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We leverage the “Cliquefactor" to build hyper targeted, niche driven campaigns that connect consumers with brands; and we do it with scale in mind.
Pursuing the highest standards in influencer marketing across every aspect of our approach.
By leveraging cutting edge influencer technology and pulling inspiration from the top  influencer marketing campaigns in the world, we pair data backed insights with forward thinking strategies to drive bottom line impact for your brand.
We thrive on thinking outside of the box to conceptualize hyper-targeted, hyper-relevant campaigns that cut through the noise and distractions that are present across social platforms. Our goal is to leverage the power of the attention economy, done right, to move your products, brand & customers forward in a massive way.
We infuse your brands core message, your products core purpose, and customers true priorities into every single campaign plan that we create. We are all about creating micro-influencer campaigns that have a macro impact on your brand and bottom line.
End-to-end campaign management is at the heart of what we do, by acting as an extension, or completely replacing, your in-house team. We take a full-funnel approach that extends beyond just managing influencer relationships, ensuring that your campaigns convert at both the top and bottom of the marketing funnel.
Every single post, interaction, comment & like is tracked and used to generate insights for the next activation. We stay dialled into the details of each individual campaign while building digital creator communities around your brand that can maximize future ROI.
We are in the business of sustainable relationships and partnerships, on both the brand and influencer side. We reflect on the highlights of each campaign process to create influencer marketing systems that are scalable, repeatable, customized and highly impact for all parties involved.
1. Social Influencer Marketing is Highly Profitable:

Businesses that use influencer marketing for brand promotion earn $18 for every dollar invested.
2. Influencer Strategies Drive Relational Trust:

46% of consumers prefer to follow creators that look and act like “everyday people.”
3. Product Influencers are seen as a quality source of information:

More than 40% of social media users say they prefer influencer reviews when considering whether to make a purchase.
4. Micro-influencers build a similar level of trust as macro-influencers, at a more affordable price:

More than half of social media users report that an influencer’s follower count does not impact their decision to take action on product endorsements.
5. The Influencer Industry contributes to most online purchases:

80% of consumers complete a purchase after seeing an influencer recommend that product on social media.
6. Micro & nano-influencers connect with consumers on a more intimate level:

70% of social media live stream viewers in the U.S. said they were “likely to buy products from influencers.”

The micro-influencer opportunity is growing and will be a centerpiece strategy to any demand generation approach.

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Lifestyle influencers have emerged as indispensable partners for lifestyle brands seeking to connect with their target audience in the digital age. These influencers hold the key to unlocking the potential of various lifestyle segments, from promoting healthy living to showcasing luxury living experiences. For lifestyle brands, collaborating with top lifestyle influencers is the gateway to heightened visibility and engagement. Lifestyle micro-influencers curate content that resonates with their followers, making them ideal partners for lifestyle brands looking to tap into their dedicated fan bases.

Lifestyle influencers with less than 500k followers are seen as relatable, everyday people to those in their network, making them a trusted source for luxury product recommendations.
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Discover the boundless potential of travel micro-influencers and amplify your travel brand's reach with targeted micro-influencer campaigns. These travel influencers may have smaller followings, but their impact is substantial, fostering authentic connections with engaged audiences. Whether you're on the hunt for top travel influencers or are interested in the best travel bloggers on Instagram, micro-influencers offer a focused approach to connect with your niche demographic.In 2023, the main barrier for creating extended travel plans is the level of planning it requires. This goes beyond just booking plain tickets and hotels, but understanding the specific areas you want to visit, and planning this in accordance with your overall budget and travel goals.

From luxury travel micro-influencers who bring opulence within reach to TikTok travel micro-influencers who deliver quick, immersive travel perspectives, micro-influencer collaborations open up a world of possibilities not present within traditional travel advertising.
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Explore the dynamic world of sports influencers and sports micro-influencers, where passion and performance collide to create authentic connections with engaged audiences. Whether you're a brand seeking top sports influencers or eager to discover the impact of sports micro-influencers, this sphere offers a winning strategy to engage with sports enthusiasts. For brands in the sports and betting industry, collaborating with sports betting influencers offers a unique opportunity to connect with a dedicated demographic. Niche influencer accounts like cross-fit influencers showcase their dedication to sports that are still growing in nature, making them excellent partners for niche marketing campaigns.

Sports micro-influencers, with their smaller but highly engaged followings, offer a targeted approach to reaching specific audiences. At Cliquefactor, we develop tik-tok influencer, instagram influencer & youtube influencer campaigns that are highly targeted and relevant to the products and services that your brand provides.
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Tech Influencers unlock a level of trust for both b2c and b2b technology brands that is hard to replicate across paid media channels. This is because tech influencers are seen as subject matter experts, who have the technical know how and skill-set to most effectively evaluate a product offering and how it benefits their workflow. Tech micro-influencers are seen as normal, everyday people to customers who are qualified to buy the software & hardware products that they promote. Customers often view a tech micro-influencers promotional post in a similar manner as they would a product recommendation from a friend or colleague in their industry.

We work with b2b tech influencers, b2c tech influencers, youtube tech influencers, and instagram influencers to match their follower profiles to the products that you provide, ensuring that we can develop campaigns that drive meaningful engagement and revenue growth for your b2b or b2c tech product.
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Fashion influencers are becoming the go-to channel for product recommendations. GenZ is the first generation to grow up with social media, making influencer recommendations a primary source for gathering information on fashion products. This paired with the rise in e-commerce fashion venders, creates an entirely different buying experience than the traditional retail shoppers purchase journey. The global fashion influencer industry is expected to grow at a whopping 36% annual growth rate over the next year. The primary influencer channels that will see this surge in growth include tik-tok fashion influencers, youtube fashion influencers, and instagram fashion influencers.

Through the power of micro-influence, we can help your brand and product resonate with the next and current generation through highly-targeted, high-trust campaigns that build immediate demand for the fashion products that your company provides.
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